12 Hours in Benalmadena

We have a plan to do in Benalmadena, we squeezed some possibilities and we want to offer something completely different. Of course you could do many other plans, but this time we want to give you extra tips.

9:00 Breakfast time

The classic Malaga´s breakfast that you can take is coffee and “Smurf-bread”. Smurf is a bread bun, not very large, the classic “oil and tomato”, “Catalan”(tomato and cured ham) or mixed (ham and cheese) combinations can be varied.Pitufo The other breakfast plan is , chocolate with churros. A good area, where to find bars that offer this morning snack, is just behind the train station in the centre of Arroyo de la Miel.

My favorite bar is just opposite the entrance of the hospital (La Huerta)

After breakfast 9:45 a.m.

We take the cable car, just a few meters from the train station. The journey to the mountain “Calamorro” are maximum 20 min. It is a short trip and although there are moments of vertigo, just close your eyes for a moment and in a few seconds you are there.Calamorro2

There is a small bar and very close a viewpoint where the views are priceless. There are 3 routes but anyone with the right shoes can walk. It’s a great place to take pictures or just listen your music with headphones and feel different to be down there site.

12 noon. Let’s go to the “Old Town”.

When we get off the cablecar, we can take a bus or go by car to Benalmadena Pueblo. If you have no car (it´s a shame) you can take several buses, the most common are 121 or 103. We get off in the center of town (just after the taxi area). The village is called, in my opinion wrongly, “old part” (at the coast there are Phoenician and Romans remains older than many buildings in the “ Pueblo”).We can stroll the streets of this white village with its geraniums coloring the whitewashed walls and the beautiful square of Spain, better known as Plaza de la Niña with its iconic fountain of Benalmadena.

Plaza niña

At that time you may would like taking a tapa and a beer so feel free to explore any bar in the area. My suggestion “La tapería of Benalmádena” located down the hill from the avenue “El Chorrillo”. They also have daily menus with 100% homemade food.

After the tapa and refreshments, we continue down the hill and we can can choose to visit the area of the church (you have to take the elevator) or continue down to discover the castle Colomares (entrance 2 €), formerly known as Eagles Castle. It’s actually a monument to the discoverer Colon, but his characteristic style attracts to the travellers. If you have a car I recommend going down the same road to the coast. For those who go by bus we have to take back the 121 or 103 and get off at any stop near the beach.

Beach time! 14h

In our previous Blog “The best beaches in Benalmádena” we speak about Benalmadena beach areas, so you can choose the one that suits you better, but I would recommend the beach Torrevigia. Because  it has a Beach restaurant nearby where they can order a grilled sardines ( Espeto). Lunch depends on the pocket, but with a couple of skewers of sardines and sangria , is more than enough as the blue fish with a high content of polyunsaturated fatty acids (omega 3) bring health to our day.Espeto

Nothing better than to lie down after lunch at the beach in front of our Chiringuito ( Beach restaurant) and enjoy a few hours of sunshine. Very important not to forget to use the sunscreen, we recommend applying at least 1 hour before sunbathing.

This area of Benalmadena, has a small jetty where there is always someone fishing and a rocky area at the end of the short walk (beach Torrequebrada) So, explore the hidden life among the rocks . It is a good place to take amazing photos ( beautiful sunsets)

Back at pool of the Medplaya Hotel, 17:30

One of the best feelings in the summer is when , after the beach time, we take a dip in the pool at any of your Medplaya hotels. You have to keep hydrated, and nothing better than a cool drink in the hotel. Remember if you have your free card Amigo Card, you can redeem points and get free cocktails or other beverages.

Free Amigo Card – Loyalty scheme Medplaya ( Click here)

Time to explore the area and enjoy the nature 19:00

After showering, and get pretty we headed to the park area “La Paloma” (Free entrance). It is a big park with animals protected and freely (rabbits, chickens, peacocks). The Cactus area is well worth a visit.

Just opposite one of the entrances of the park is Selwo Marina. Necessary if you want to have the feeling of seeing something completely different, dolphins, sea lions, penguins, birds … the Staff will be at your disposal to answer any question you may have during your visit.

Back to Arroyo ( center of the town) for dinner 21:00

Our day has been long and we have spent a lot of energy, so we can afford to enjoy the more appreciated dish in Benalmadena, the Campero. It is a round sandwich bread, bigger than a hamburger and flatter. The possibilities are varied, the classic “ham and cheese” but enjoy other options; with chicken, bacon or tuna. To accompany some fries with mayonnaise.CamperoMafalda

You will be delighted with this dinner and your pockets will not suffer, there are always menus. On the avenue to the station , there are several options, my recommendation “La calvareña” and camperos with “curry chicken”

After dinner, nothing better than an ice cream at “Pistacho” very close, where you can taste some delicious homemade ice cream.

And then … What?

The night is not over and if you need “ something else” we can walk to the Mezquita square, after 23h is lively and every public can find their favorite bar. All offer something different, my recommendation if you like dancing or watching a monologue visit Kim pub.

You can choose the best plan that you like, but, please, explore Benálmadena because it offers a lot of things to do. If you stay at any Medplaya hotel in the Costa del Sol, feel free to contact us to our email; contact@medplaya.com if you want to know better about Benalmádena.


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