Salou is a destination that offers a lot of services and fun activities for families. Here’s a list of suggestions to do in this Costa Dorada resort to truly enjoy it with the whole family!

1 – Go back to the Roman Era at the archaeological park “Parque Arquelogico de Barenys

For those who enjoy ancient history, you can’t miss the Barenys Archaeological Park. The remains found at the site date from the 1st and 2nd century B.C and occupy a fairly large area. Barenys was known, in its time, as a center for ceramic production. It is very interesting to see how they water was supplied through an aqueduct dug into the rocks, and how the production of amphorae and other ceramic tools was organized.

Salou familia family Barenys

2 – Practise adventure’s sports in the forest at “Bosque Aventura

Bosque Aventura is a place for families to enjoy activities such as zip lines, with different circuits depending on the level of difficulty. There, you can play paintball, also adapted for children, and there is a minigolf area too. It also has a 75m2 climbing wall, to where children can train motor skills, coordination, balance, strength… But above all, to enjoy themselves and have fun!


3 – Experience horror as you walk through the terrifying corridors of “13 Rooms

If you like strong emotions, you have to visit 13 Rooms. This is the new attraction that’s become all the rage in Salou. In this scary house, you can run through its halls wearing 3D glasses while you are being chased by terrifying clowns. You can also try to rob a vault without touching the laser beams protecting it or play paintball with lasers in the dark! If you are not scared easily, don’t miss this creepy and terribly fun attraction!

4 – Swim like a mermaid or merman at the “Sirens Mediterranean Academy

In the Sirens Mediterranean Academy, everyone can feel like a mermaid or merman. This institution offers water activities in the pool and in the sea, with the purpose of swimming just like mermaids do. To achieve this, first they offer a preparatory course. Once you pass this course, you will be ready to swim in the pool or sea. The goal of this activity is to spread knowledge and love for the Mediterranean fauna and to do it with an artistic and healthy component. And it is suitable for the whole family!

Activities Familiy Costa Daurada

5 – Enjoy the beauty of Mediterranean beaches in Cala Penya Tallada

Salou has hidden and very interesting little coves, secluded beaches far from the crowd. One of them is Cala Penya Tallada, which owes its name to the rock that has been eroded by water and has led to a 100m tall wall. This cove is located in the Cape of Salou and is only accessible on foot. It is a quiet area, the beach is 60m long and 20m wide, is composed of rocks and sand and the water is calm. If you are looking for a quiet place, we strongly recommend this beautiful little spot.

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