A workday in the life of the front desk manager and his team at the MedPlaya Hotel Riviera, one of the best hotels on Costa del Sol.

Dear friends, customers, fans of hospitality, today we bring you an interesting interview, this time the protagonist is the Department of Reception at the MedPlaya Hotel Riviera. We will reveal some interesting details from a daily work life and work responsibilities of the Front Desk Manager at the MedPlaya Hotel Riviera, Mr. Fernando Cava.

Fernando, tell us, when did you start working in MedPlaya Hotels and specially the Hotel Riviera and what it means to you to be the front desk manager at the 4-star Hotel for Adults Only?

After finishing my studies of Tourism and after several years being in the world of animation, where I met a large number of customers, in 2003 I got the opportunity to come to the Costa del Sol as an Entertainment Coordinator for hotels, which by then had MedPlaya in the area, namely Hotel Bali, Riviera and Pez Espada.
After a few years working in the entertainment department, I started working at the reception at the Hotel Bali, stage of my life of which I keep very good memories. I started working at Riviera in the autumn of 2010.
The Hotel Riviera is one of the pioneers of tourism in the Costa del Sol, and I am very proud to be part of such an iconic hotel with so much history.

Front desk manager Hotel Riviera

Fernando Cava, Front Desk Manager Hotel Riviera

What responsibilities assumes the front desk manager and what are the tasks, duties of the reception department?

The hotel reception is like a backbone of the hotel. Everything passes through this department. The other departments have contact with customers once they have arrived, but here at the reception we have contact with them even before the customers arrive. A large number of our guests contact us via email, phone, etc. to answer their questions and queries.
Once the customer walks in the door, we are the first and the last contact person they see. We are the ones who welcome them with a smile and give them a handshake when they leave. We are their reference point during their whole stay. From providing them their favorite newspaper to call a doctor at five o’clock. The reception is also the nexus between the client and other departments. We are in charge of informing the rest of the departments of the peculiarities and needs of each client.
The Reception Manager is also in charge of keeping the whole department running smoothly with the help of the large team of professionals to whom I am very grateful for their implication and efficiency. The front desk manager controls all the bureaucratic issue, billing for agencies, reservations, room quotas, etc.

The Hotel Riviera has been awarded the Sustainable Hotel Award by the group ISTUR. What does the sustainable tourism means to you?
We must look at the world in which we live and we must look at the world we will leave behind for next generations, and leave it in the best conditions we can. Therefore, the subject of sustainability is vital. From recycling, waste treatment, energy saving through collaboration with our community in every way we can, without forgetting the importance of the natural environment.
Sustainability, to me, implies responsibility. We are the first hotel in the Costa del Sol with HES (Efficient Sustainable Hotel) distinction and we want be an example to others.

Reception Team Members Hotel Riviera

Víctor, Fernando, José, Francisco- Reception Team Members

We know that the reception represents the hotel, it is the hotel’s backbone. Reception has the first contact with the client, they are handling guest requests, complaints, receive comments, etc. What is the key to making a customer happy and convert him into a repeat customer?
Each person is different. Each client has its own needs and it is important to read between the lines, understand and anticipate customer needs.
It is of utmost importance to revolve any doubts and queries our guests may have and make them leave the counter with a smile on their face. When we achieve this, the satisfaction of the customers and the great experience is what makes them want to return to Hotel Riviera.
Fortunately, we have many customers who stay with us year by year, we treat them almost like a family and the truth is that when we see them enter the door, we are glad to see them back again.

And finally, tell us a funny story that has happened to you while working in the hotel.

As you can imagine, after so many years, I’ve got countless anecdotes of all kinds …
Anyway, one that repeats from time to time, is the typical client who booked another hotel with the same name situated in the Canary Islands, or clients who come in the wrong dates, etc.
One of the similar story happened a while ago. A lady arrived to the hotel with her daughter but her stay began three days later. The lady explained that she took the chance to go with her brother-in-law from Cadiz who were passing through Benalmádena, and so she had decided to come with him. She assured us that she will stay at the reception without causing any troubles, being there with her own food for three days.
Imagine our surprise!!
At the end we could convince her to make a reservation for three days and stay in the room.

Fernando, thanks for taking the time to answer our questions and we wish you and your team every success in the future and a lot of happy customers.

It has been a pleasure for me. And I would like, from here, send a greetings to all our customers and readers of the blog.
Thank you very much.

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    I’m trying to find out the name of the entertainment manager named Sam that worked there in the 80’s or early 90’s.

    • Guest Relations

      Dear betty,

      I am afraid I won’t be able to help you in this matter. Anyway, thanks for commenting.

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