If you ask us which is the most famous drink in Spain, we all agree on the same one: sangria. Recognized worldwide for its incredible flavor, sangria is protected by the European Parliament and authenticated in 2014 the recipe and its characteristics so that it cannot be called sangria what is not.

Although each one has his own special tricks to get the best sangria, his basic recipe is very simple and you can do it at home to relive the summers on the Mediterranean coast. You ready to go?

  • You will need the following ingredients for four people:
  • One litre of red wine: although it does not need to be very good, we recommend that it is a young wine with graduation.
  • Two juice oranges squeezed, or the juice of two lemons.
  • Four peaches in pieces.
  • Three tablespoons of sugar.
  • Ice.
  • Optionally, soda or rum.

First you must peel and chop the peaches and put them in a large jar, add wine, sugar and juice from oranges or lemons. After mixing thoroughly, let it sit in the fridge for a minimum of two hours. Ice should be added just before serving to prevent the ice from melting and losing its flavor. And you’ll have your sangria!

Want to innovate a little? If you want it to contain less alcohol, try adding soda. If you like the opposite, stronger, you can add a little rum. If you have trouble finding peaches you can change them for apples, but they should always be hard fruits (and not in almond or similar).