One of the best places to get lost in the Costa Blanca is, without a doubt, the town of Altea. Located 15 minutes from Benidorm, this fishing village invites you to discover its streets and landscapes and breathe deeply its marine air. It is also an ideal place to disconnect from the stress and saturation of routine and connect with the beauty of the landscape and the magic of its corners. 

Being so close to Benidorm, it is an almost obligatory visit. Getting to Altea from Benidorm is easy, as there are several means of transport and a good range of timetables: train, bus (line 10), car-share, taxi or private car. So, we invite you to take your rucksack and venture out for a whole day to Altea. 


Walking along the promenade is one of the most essential activities of any maritime town. Altea can boast incredible views along the route, which starts at the port and runs along the entire coast.


The beaches of Altea are made of stones and not sand, unlike many others in Benidorm. This means that they are ideal beaches to see fish or enjoy more of the sound of the sea and the tranquillity, as they are less crowded. One of them is La Roda Beach, with clean and very calm waters and with the advantage that it is very close to the town centre.


We have already said that Altea is a town that preserves its spirit of a maritime town. And this becomes evident when we discover the streets and corners of the old town. Streets, alleys, squares, doors, windows and the white colour of the facades is a clear invitation to get lost and wander around the old town without any plan or rush.


Drinking tea is a pleasure for the senses, but even more so around plants all over the world. Precisely, “El jardín de los sentidos” aims to awaken the five senses of all its walkers. A place to disconnect, read, meditate, have breakfast or sunbathe in the middle of a wild tropical nature. 


The Temple of Archangel Michael is a Russian Orthodox Church, built in 2002 with materials and personnel from Russia. It has a special majesty, as its architecture stands out from the others in the area: it is the first Russian Orthodox church in Spain and the whole Iberian Peninsula.