Terra Mitica is one of the main landmarks in Benidorm (Alicante, Spain), and will re-open its doors this year with some attractive features. After betting strong in 2012 on making the park a fresher spot under the warm Mediterranean sun, setting up a bathing area, fountains, vegetation to provide shadow…Terra Mítica incorporates an exclusive and avant-garde cinema ¡in 5 dimensions!

Moreover, there will be a totally new acuatic area themed and inspired in typical Egypcian children’s games.

On Saturday 23rd, Season 2013 will be inaugurated with Spanish actress Vanesa Romero as special Guest, who stars in the Spanish sitcom ‘La que se avecina’.

Attractions and Shows 

The Amusements park Terra Mitica is set in ancient villages bathed by the Mediterranean Sea, and distributes its more than 30 amusements between the areas of Egypt, Greece, Rome, Iberia and The Islands.

The outstanding attractions are

– In Egypt, Las Cataratas del Nilo (Waterfalls of the Nile), water amusement of medium intensity.

– In Greece, SynKope, disc that turns at 90km/h at a height of 35 metres; Titánide, inverted roller-coaster which reaches 100km/h; and La Furia de Tritón (Triton’s Fury), aquatic attraction of medium intensity ideal for really warm days.

– In Rome, the Inferno roller-coaster is the star.

– And in The Islands, La Cólera de Akiles (Akiles’ Cholera), only for the intrepid ones who do not mind being upside down!

This year Terra Mitica is focusing its bet on its over 20 shows of historic recreation, mythology, humour and for children. A total of 40 passes per day. The featured show this year is IMPERIUM, a circus spectacle of international character that will be performed in the Circus Máximus of Rome at 6.30pm.

Calendar and Opening Hours

Season 2013 will extend from March 23rd to November 3rd.

The majority of the year, the park will be open from 10.30am to 8pm, although it won’t close until midnight from July 13th to September 8th.

¿How to get to Terra Mítica?

From Benidorm there is a direct bus line to Terra mítica, which is number 1, of the company Llorente Bus. It passes along the Severo Ochoa, Ametlla de Mar, Mediterráneo, Europa, Alfonso Puchades and Beniardá Avenues (in this order). Price: 1.45€.

Or you may catch tram train number 1. From Benidorm it is the first stop. It only takes 3 minutes to get there. From Alicante is the one before the last stop, and it takes about 70 minutes from Luceros.

By car from Benidorm:

See Cómo llegar a Terra Mitica desde Benidorm – How to get to Terra Mitica from Benidorm in a larger map

and from Alicante:

See Cómo llegar a Terra Mitica desde Alicante – How to get to Terra Mitica from Alicante on a larger map

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