There are two main beach areas to Puerto Banús, one to the left of the Marina, the other to the right. Each beach stretches out at least 150 m in length and both areas are very clean and well organised. One is also known as the beach of Rio Verde or Banús Beach which is located near the mouth of this river. A beach with calm and warm waters protected by breakwaters, with a significant number of facilities and services, restaurants, bars.  The luxury marina Puerto Banús, commonly known as Puerto Banús,  is a beach with glamour and not very affordable prices as this is one of the most expensive areas of Marbella.

This tourist spot has become, since it opened in May 1970, one of the biggest entertainment centers of the Costa del Sol, reaching international fame. Its geographical location and visits of many popular characters make it an attractive summer destination, especially at night, especially for its nightclubs, pubs and bars. According to the Town Hall of Marbella, Puerto Banus is visited annually by nearly 5 million people.
In the streets are luxurious boutiques and in front of them can be seen at any time of day the most luxurious and varied sports cars. The port remains the key of affluence, since it became a mooring for some of the most modern and expensive yachts in the world. Tourists can find food from all places, there are Chinese, Japanese, Persian, Italian restaurants.
The 27 km of coastline of Marbella are divided into 24 beaches with different characteristics, although, due to urban expansion of the municipality, they are all urban and semi-urban beaches.
After the day at the beach, there’s nothing better than ‘soaking’  glamor and walk the Boulevard of Fame  in Puerto Banús, created as a tribute to the personalities who have promoted Marbella nationally or internationally through their professional dedication.