Have you ever felt numb muscles after travelling by airplane? This is something that happens quite commonly, which is why some people do stretches to feel their muscles as such, especially on flights of many hours.

Stretches to avoid jet lag

Many travellers do not know how to stretch the most numb parts of their body, such as the legs or the back. Therefore, we will give you some guidelines to stretch your muscles once a flight has ended. However, it is also appropriate to stretch before the trip.

When we reach the destination, we have to stretch the whole body as if we had just got up, since the sensation is very similar. However, it is preferable to do so when we have got off the plane and are on our way to the terminal or once we have reached the arrivals section of the airport.

To carry out these movements, we can start with the legs and separate them as much as possible to reactivate the muscular system. Once the plane has landed, it is also recommended to take a short walk.

Neck and legs

The hit areas are especially the neck, back and legs. Therefore, we can perform a joint stretch of all parts of the body or separately. For example, start with the legs and try to complement with the arms so that the whole body regains mobility.

Finally, we advise you to move your back slowly from one side to the other, as well as the neck from left to right to avoid various injuries, such as low back pain or neck pain, respectively.

In short, these stretches will allow you to activate the muscular system after a flight and to be able to enjoy your holiday to the fullest.