The Cross of Benidorm is a key tourist enclave in the area to which few tourists access. It is an interesting point to visit by religious people, hikers and lovers of stunning landscapes.

Why is there a cross in the Park of the Sierra Helada?

Few people know the reason, and only the elder ones of the village remember it.


The original cross of Benidorm was placed more than 50 years ago by Catholic friars in the upper part of the Rincon de Loix, in the Mount of the Sierra Helada in December of 1961. The initial objective of the installation of this wooden cross of considerable dimensions was to redeem the villa of Benidorm of its fame as a village of sins. That is why, on a mission of evangelization, it was carried on shoulders from the Church of San Jaime and Santa Ana (the one in the Old Town). Since then, this day is known as the ‘Day of Forgiveness’.

It was the first municipal Bulletin of January 1962, published by the City Council of Benidorm, where they recounted the event and stated that there had been a great citizen participation, which showed that the town of Benidorm was not actually so frivolous as it was considered.

Reputation of frivolous? Why?

The Mayor of Benidorm between 1950 and 1967, Pedro Zaragoza Orts, obtained the approval of the Government of Franco to allow the use of the bikini on the Benidorm beaches, pledge that at that time was considered to be sinful. As punishment, the Bishop of Orihuela-Alicante threatened to put up a sign at the entrance to the population with the legend ‘Hell’ on it.

This Mayor is nowadays remembered as a visionary who promoted an innovative urban system, the most important driver of the tourism industry in the town and principal author of its economic boom.

The Cross Today

In 1975, a storm tore off the original cross, which was made with beams of light poles. Therefore, it was replaced by another one manufactured with crossbars of the train. But a few years later, it was substituted by the current one, which is illuminated at night. It is a beautiful vision.


At present, the Cross of Benidorm is made of metal, and it is a place that many lovers of the city choose to spread their ashes to rest eternally on these grounds that gave them so many happy moments. For this reason, visitors will see that the cross is covered with commemorative plaques that people have placed in memory of beloved ones who are gone. Some of them were Guests of the Medplaya Hotels.

The path to the cross – which can be a bit difficult to find and somewhat steep – is dotted with majestic houses, among which there is a pink one where the film of Bigas Luna ‘Huevos de Oro’ was shot. In addition, in May it hosts the ‘Ascent to the Cross’, a 9.4km race in which this year almost 200 runners participated.

If you still do not know the Cross of Benidorm, we encourage you to visit it and take the best photos of your holiday.
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  • John

    Good article. I make sure I go up the Hill every visit. Fantastic views. It’s a 45 minute walk up, by the way.

  • Begoña

    Pero por favor ¿por donde se sube?¿ Podríais poner un planito?

    • Med Playa

      Hola Begoña

      Tiene que subir con el calle atras del Hotel Magic Rock Garden ( puede ver en la Mapa)

      Cualquier recepcion en Benidorm pueden dar direcciones.



    • Gerardo

      Hola, yo he subido en varias ocasiones, puedes hacerlo por la av del mediterráneo al final entras por la c/ berlín y empiezas la subida, es una subida dura pero cuando la coronas merece la pena, espero haberte solucionado el pequeño problema y ánimo

  • Gerardo

    Tambien puedes hacerlo por la cala del tio ximo antes de empezar la subida de la serra gelada giras a la izda y luego a la drcha y piernas a subir yo he disfrutado mucho subiendo hasta la cruz

  • mark owens

    took my mums ashes up on Monday 27th October she loved Benidorm and I went back again on 31st October my mum will be proud of this view it took me 30 mins to climb as im experienced hiker ynwa

  • charlie cormack. fae BUCKIE SCOTLAND

    I walked up to the cross on a buetifull day dec 29 2014 it was a nice walk except for the last small section you leave the tarred road and have to walk across the rocks, still well worth it, it only takes 45 mins for a 62 yo male, remember to take some water no facilities at the top.


  • cesar

    Hola…la cruz muy bien…pero es más fácil subir en coche. ..

    • Guest Relations

      Hola Cesar,

      Gracias por visitar nuestro blog.
      Un saludo,


  • enrique

    Llevo toda mi vida en benidorm ,y la verdad esque es impresionante la cantidad de veces que hemos subido para contemplar la belleza tanto diurna como nocturna de nuestra gran ciudad ..recomiendo a todos los turistas y vecinos que pasen por esa zona es preciosa un saludo

    • Guest Relations

      Hola Enrique,

      Gracias por su mensaje. La verdad es que Benidorm tiene su encanto. Esperamos siga visitando nuestro blog.

      Un saludo,


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