The arrival of Christmas is always synonymous with celebration, fun and family. It is an ideal time of year to switch off from stress and routine, and connect with your friends and relatives. Precisely, Christmas can become another reason to be close to our loved ones, while enjoying the traditions of our culture and growing the Christmas spirit within our hearts.

The entire country prepares and dresses up to celebrate this festivity: people, streets, monuments and businesses join the festival of lights, trees and Christmas carols to welcome Christmas. And at MedPlaya we are clear that we cannot forget one of the most family-centric and important times of the year in our culture. For this reason, at our four hotels on the Costa del SolBali, Balmoral, Riviera and Pez Espada – we do non-stop activities so that all our guests, from little to older ones, can enjoy Christmas.

Christmas activities and a lot of party

The Bali, Balmoral and Pez Espada Hotels will have several activities of MedPlaya’s own production. For example, at the daytime activities, “Master Chef Navidad” stands out, which is a new version of the famous television programme, at which children and adults will cook the famous Cap Cups with Christmas motifs.

In addition, at our hotels on the Costa del Sol we will have traditional and typical activities of these dates, such as “Throw your wish into the air”, to celebrate the last day of the year and, especially, wish the best of luck for the new year. Also, there will also be craft workshops where children can write and design their special gift letters.

And the show must go on: on the 24th and 25th the liveliest magic parade arrives at the four MedPlaya hotels on the Costa del Sol. But this is not all, since the Balmoral and Riviera hotels will have a special show at the parade, at which we can enjoy the performance of several artists. At Bali and Pez Espada there will be a special Christmas show, at which children and adults can certainly laugh, sing, dance and enjoy celebrating the season with their family.