Where there are now cars, people and shops a few years ago there was none of that. The big city of Barcelona has changed a lot in recent years, especially since 1992, when the city hosted the Olympic Games. Today we will see how, in the last 150 years, the city has changed its image and its streets. Are you ready for this journey through time?

In 1929 Barcelona organised the Great Universal Exhibition and the city needed a modernisation which involved the creation of the station of France, the Plaza de España and the urbanisation of Montjuïc mountain.

(Photography: Leopoldo Plasencia)

The main festivities in the neighbourhoods of Barcelona have always been great popular parties. One of the most important is the one in the neighborhood of Gracia, where the neighbors compete to have the best decorated street in the neighborhood. In this image we see a snapshot of the neighborhood of Gracia in 1915.

(Photography: Antonio Matarranz)

Can you imagine the Gran Vía without cars, motorcycles, taxis and buses? This is what the year 1911 looked like, during its construction.

Although the construction of the Sagrada Familia has not yet been completed, do not think that it has only just begun: in the following image we see its beginnings, in 1905. Then it was in the middle of nowhere!

And ten years later the situation was not much better… this photograph of the Sagrada Familia was taken in 1915!