Gastronomy is the art of turning food into palatable, attractive and desirable dishes. It is an experience to eat and drink well and, above all, to enjoy it. In addition, the cuisine of a region is also a way of learning about part of the culture and history of that area. Eating is a necessity of all mankind since its existence and the local cuisine is a legacy of past generations.

For this reason, we recommend that you walk the streets and visit the monuments of cities and towns, but also do not forget to discover their gastronomic culture. Some say that travelling without immersing in the local cuisine is not travelling. So, here are some tips in order to enjoy eating and drinking in a country, while immersing yourself in the culture of the area.

Gastronomic tours

It is one of the best ways to experience the local culture and taste the cuisine of the area. Gastronomic tours are incredible visits touring bars, restaurants and other points of gastronomic interest, where you can sample and enjoy the local delicatessen. Tip: keep some space in your suitcase for the way home… you will not leave without taking some delights from the area!

Markets and fairs

In many regions it is usual to have weekly markets where you can find food and preparations typical of the area. We can also find areas arranged daily, where farmers, hoteliers, artisans and chefs gather. Markets are a good opportunity to get to know the products of an area and, in addition, walk through the streets and squares and mingle with the local inhabitants.

In addition, to get to know the gastronomy of a country we cannot miss gastronomic fairs, in which artisans from the region gather in the same place to show the original products of the area, with their unique and delicious recipes. To be updated on these events, you can check the town hall on social networks or ask the inhabitants.

MedPlaya Hotels

At our hotels, you can find a careful selection of the most typical dishes of the area. Visit our buffets, stay for lunch and get into the local cuisine. Easy, good and comfortable!