Its excellent beaches, which are part of an enviable natural environment, have made Benidorm one of the most popular Spanish tourist destinations. The New York of the Mediterranean, as it has come to be named for its impressive skyline where huge buildings stand out, has been a benchmark for over half a century due to the wide range of possibilities it offers its visitors. Diving in Benidorm, without a doubt, is one of the most attractive options and below we will explain why.

The privilege of diving in Benidorm

The most experienced advise us of the privilege of diving in Benidorm. Firstly, because it has seabeds of unusual beauty. Shallows, sandbars, ravines and islets are some of the underwater features that you can see thanks to the imposing cliffs, predominant in the orography of the area.

The good hydrodynamics and light conditions will give you the luxury of enjoying great visibility up to 25 meters deep. You will have in front of you Mediterranean species such as seahorses, moray eels, octopuses, saddled seabreams, mojarras, moon fish or salps.

In addition, it is a perfect setting whether you already are an experienced diver or you are a beginner. The best areas to do it are the Elephant Cave, Benidorm Island, La Llosa and Isla Mediana.

For accommodation, rely on Medplaya. Our hotels in Benidorm are the best option for rest: Riudor Hotel , Rio Park Hotel , Regente Hotel , Agir Hotel , and Flamingo Oasis Hotel. What are you waiting for to come and enjoy the pleasure of diving in Benidorm? We are expecting you with open arms.