Benalmádena is a town in the Costa del Sol known mainly for its great weather, beaches and the wide range of recreational activities. Obviously, there is much more to offer and enjoy in this privileged enclave, we invite you to enjoy more than the charming streets and whitewashed walls, now we are going to discover the mountains that protect Benalmádena and helps promote this privileged climate.

This October has been presented the hiking project at City Hall, along with Mayor of Benalmádena Victor Navas and the Councillor for Tourism, Encarnacion Cortes has been created a brochure, based on a  initiative of one of the  Medplaya Hotel Bali workers, Juan Antonio Arenas. The city of Benalmádena is grateful to Medplaya for this initiative and appreciates the contribution to a sustainable tourism which aims to protect and preserve the natural environment.

senderismo costa del sol

“This initiative is a new example of public-private collaboration in a period of austerity in which local government has difficulties to promote the municipality” – said Victor Navas, Mayor of Benalmádena.

In the presentation of the new hiking trail, Medplaya has got its participation through the manager of the MedPlaya Hotels, Mr. Miguel Bordera; Hotel Bali deputy manager Mr. Victor Bordera; Operations manager of the  MedPlaya Hotels Mr. Jordi Avelli and the hotel manager Bali, Mr. Pere Tubau.

“The initiative started Mr. Juan Antonio Arenas who work at hotel Bali . Juan is a great lover of hiking and nature in general, and he’s the author of the blog ‘De Senderos’. 

In Medplaya we believe that both, our guests and our employees can through these two hiking trails that are offered in the brochure, discover the surrounding and Mediterranean landscapes and at the same time spend a pleasant and active day in our town. 

There are various routes available:

The Route 3, marked on the map with a green line, consists of a stretch of 7 km round trip lasting approximately 2h30. Moreover Route 3 + R4, has a distance of 7,48km and is circular, so it lasts approximately 3h30. Both are designed to perform in a relaxed way and that anyone who feels active can cross it.

Where to start?

We will make it easy for you by giving you the following info on where the routes start, level of difficulty, etc.  If you’re staying at any of the hotel Medplaya, we recommend you take bus 121, 112 or 126. All the buses stop a few meters from our hotels in Benalmádena Costa, in less than 20 min you will be at the beginning of the route. The stop where you get off is in the Sensara complex. In less than 100 meters, you will see the start of the route indicated on a map.

Give it a try and discover the wildest part of this magnificent destination and enjoy the nature and Mediterranean beauty. Ask for the brochure in your hotel or download it here.

senderismo costa del sol