The Night of the Dead is approaching. On October 31 the Halloween festival arrives and at MedPlaya we really look forward to celebrating it. Witches, ghosts and pumpkins are ready to scare whoever needs it. At MedPlaya we invite all our guests to experience and celebrate this great international festival. Costume parties, themed decorations, shows and themed activities to celebrate and have a great time with this tradition.

MedPlaya Benidorm

The night will begin with a thematic and very special gala dinner. Everything will be prepared to enter the interiors of the Halloween. Later, feeling energised, comes the costume contest for adults and children, an opportunity to discover the terrifying characters of the night. Once everyone knows everyone, it will be time to play, with games to have fun with the terror of this magical night. Finally, our Disco Meddy will invite everyone present to dance and sing.

MedPlaya Salou

Halloween also comes to Salou. On the same night of the holiday, we will meet the darkest “looks” of the event in the Best Costume Contest. The event will be accompanied by live music from 10 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. And to end the party, what better way to celebrate than singing and dancing? Depending on the number of children, the hotel will open the mini-disco to end a fantastic night.

MedPlaya Costa del Sol

At Bali Hotel and the Swordfish Hotel they will celebrate the darkest night of the year with a terror tunnel, run by our entertainment team, and themed activities throughout the day. On the 30th at 10 pm, show starts at the Swordfish, while at Bali Hotel it will be held on the 31st at the same time.

Additionally, Riviera Hotel and Balmoral Hotel will offer all kinds of themed activities to celebrate Halloween.