The Fallas are the city of Valencia’s main fiestas, although they are also celebrated in other cities and towns of the Valencian Community. Benidorm, its touristic capital, has been hosting them for over 30 years, when groups of Valencians created the first Fallas Committee in the town.



Every 15th of March the Plantà takes place in Benidorm. These are the public exhibitions of the Mayor and Infant monuments of the city’s 3 Fallas Committees, meaning a total of 6 Fallas. There are three Fallas Commissions: falla “centro”, falla “rincón” and falla “els tolls”, which are responsible for creating their Fallas constructions in their respective districts and organising the fiestas. Parades and flower offerings are the most significant events. The monuments are on show until the 19th, when the Cremà is held (they are burnt under a controlled fire at midnight in presence of firemen). Additionally, during these 4 days there are the despertàs and mascletàs, very typical in Valencian fiestas where loud noise and the smell of gunpowder are never absent. The 19th of March is also when fathers day is celebrated throughout Spain.



This year 2016’s activities include:

The Plantá on Tuesday 15th

Local bands playing on the streets on Thursday 17th.

Despertá ( awakening at 08:00) on Friday 18th and Saturday 19th.

Flower offering to the Suffrage Virgin, patron saint of Benidorm, on Friday 18th at 18.00. Starting at the Av Mediterraneo and ending at the old town’s church at the Plaza San Jaime, followed by fireworks.

Magnificent Mascleta, Saturday 19th at 14.00 at the Plaza Triangular.

Floats parade along the Avenida Mediterraneo on Saturday 19th at 18.00.

The Cremà at midnight in the Rincon de Loix, 00.30 at the Plaza Triangular and 01.00 at Calle Tomas Ortuno.

Please, note that the timings are approximate and are subject to possible changes.

Enjoy the Fallas!!

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