November is an especially symbolic month for everyone in Benidorm, to such an extent that it doesn’t matter if you are a resident, a tourist or if you have simply chosen this city to spend a few days. It is in this penultimate month of the year when the city enjoys its patron festivities of Benidorm, immediately followed by its international Fancy Dress Party.

This annual event has been held for 20 years in this city in Alicante. It all started when the manager of a well-known pub in the area decided to offer a free drink to anyone who was wearing a costume. But this was only the germ of a celebration that has been growing year after year.

So, next Thursday, November 15, Gerona Street and its surroundings up to the Rincon de Loix will become a spectacular and colourful festive stage on which the essence will be dressing up, although the goal is once again to have a great time.

We don’t want to miss this party either, so like in the previous edition, MedPlaya will participate with its own float!

We’re waiting for you at the Fancy Dress Party in Benidorm!