Andalucia is the largest of Spain’s 17 autonomous regions and it’s the one which evokes the most powerful images of a country famed for its flamenco, fiestas, bullfighting and raw passion.

Would you like to know more about Andalusia? Then read this article about the most interesting facts about Spain’s most beautiful and historic region.

 Did you know that Sevillanas isn’t pure flamenco? It’s a Spanish dance that originated in Castile, not Seville, as the name might suggest and it used to be a courting dance. It’s different from flamenco because it’s strictly choreographed, performed in pairs or groups and set to a 3/4 or 6/8 rhythm.

Did you know that none of the pillars used to build Mezquita in Cordoba are the same height, which presented a technical challenge to its architects?

 Did you know that there are around 70 bullrings in Andalucia?

 Did you know the bullring in Seville is one of the most important, considered a home of bullfighting?

 Did you know the Romans invaded the Iberian Peninsula in 206 B.C.?

 Did you know that the Moors invaded Spain in 711 and stayed until 1492?

 Did you know the Osborne Bull is considered to be a symbol of Spanish culture?

 Did you know that Alfarnate (Málaga province) hosts a Cherry Festival every year? This festival includes much more than the fabulous local cherries. In fact, you’ll find plenty of local products on display and for sale.

 Did you know that chestnuts are an important traditional crop in Andalucia?

 Did you know that the Spanish delicacy Jabugo Ham comes from Huelva?

 Did you know you can watch whales off the coast of Andalucia?

 Did you know that Tarifa is an international spot for windsurfers?

 Did you know the World Pro Kite Surf Championships take place every summer in Andalucia?

 Did you know that Christopher Columbus departed for America from Huelva?

 Did you know that the province of Jaén is the olive producing capital of Spain?

 Did you know that there are 22 national parks in Andalusia?

 Did you know that Andalucia is a key destination for birds migrating between Europe and Africa?

 Did you know that Andalucia gave birth to Pablo Picasso and the 17th century royal painter Velasquez and it held an enduring fascination for novelists Ernest Hemingway and Laurie Lee?

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