When you travel the most important thing is to discover, learn and experience. However, traveling often involves an economic cost (that even if you try to minimize, always includes some expenses). In this article we suggest five free activities that will allow you to discover the area of Salou beyond its clichés and get to really know its essence.

1) Discover the Lighthouse

The lighthouse is always far away, and many people do not realize that this building is present in the local seascape. We invite you to take a trip to the lighthouse and observe the beauty of the Costa Dorada from its privileged views.

Lighthouse Faro de Salou free activities

Price: Free

2) Walk along the “camino de Ronda”

The “camino de Ronda” is a circuit of trails that borders almost the entire Catalan coast. A healthy trekking activity that allows you to discover the landscape and the coastal of Salou. It is easy to find locals walking along too.

Price: Free

3) A tradition: “La Calada de Malles”

It is a recreation of the “Calada de las Malles”, an ancestral activity that shows the importance that fishing has always had on the Mediterranean coasts. In summer, two days are chosen to carry out this activity in the beach of Pontent (you have to stay tuned to the calendar of the City council of Salou).

Price: Free

4) Route through the modernist houses of Salou

A special characteristic of the urban architecture of Salou are the modernist houses that can be found in the main boulevard. The popularity of Salou as a tourist destination started in the 1920s, at that time the most architectural style used was “modernism” (a clear example is all the legacy left by Antoni Gaudí in Barcelona).

Free activities Salou actividades gratis Xalet_del_passeig_Jaume_I,_8_(Salou)_-_2

We encourage you to visit the outside of these houses and know Salou better:

Chalet Bonet or Voramar » Plaza de Bonet, 1.
Vila Enriqueta or Chalet Pellicer » Paseo Jaume Iº, 3.
Chalet Loperena » Paseo Jaume Iº, 8
Edificio Sol y Mar » Calle Mestral, 9
Chalet Mallorquín or Vila Rosa or the German » Paseo Jaume Iº, 7
Chalet Torremar or Chalet Recasens (currently the Patronato Municipal de Turismo de Salou) » Paseo Jaume Iº, 4
Chalet Miarnau Navàs or of the Virgin of the Pineda » Paseo Jaume Iº, 5

Price: Free

5) Enjoy the beach

And of course, the beaches. Enjoy the many beaches that Salou has, specially if you come in the summer you can not miss them! Check this article to find your perfect beach is according to your needs.

Price: Free


Images’ source: Faro de Salou (Wikipedia – Author: Vanbasten 23) Casa Loperena (Flickr – Author: Ferran Llorenç)