Garden of Eagles is located at Mount Calamorro, 770 meters above sea level with magnificent coastal views. This reservation is dedicated to breeding and recovery of various birds of prey.

Monte Calamorro BenalmádenaIn this area you can see the lifestyle of different species of prey (eagles, owls, vultures, falcons, etc.) and this way we learn to respect the wildlife around us. Also, the falconry show that takes place is especially attractive because of the closeness with which you can see the various species in their natural habitat.

The exhibitions are unique activities for guests using the cable car Benalmadena, linking Arroyo de la Miel with Mount Calamorro. To access the exhibition is essential to present the Cable Car ticket. The shows are presented by a very enthusiastic team in a professional manner, they are deeply involved in the conservation of birds of prey and supply of the bird for reintroduction to the wild where they were once native.