It is no secret that the Spanish Lottery ‘El Gordo’ is the one that gives out more money in prizes in the world. This year 2012, for instance, the amount ascends up to 2,520 millions of Euros in prizes of which 720 millions go for ‘The Fat One’!!!! These will be distributed in 1,764 prizes. “Christmas’ Fat One” (El Gordo de Navidad, in Spanish) brings 4,000,000 Euros per series winner, that is to say 400,000 Euros per ‘a lottery tenth’. For the second series gives out 1,250,000 Euros, and 500,000 Euros for the third. These prizes are not subject to any liens.

Spaniards even travel to a different city to purchase a ticket with what they consider their lucky number.
Last year, ‘The Fat One’ of 4 million Euros was bought in the Spanish province of Huesca, and was number 58268.
The State Lottery Society will be announcing the winning numbers on December 22nd at the Palacio de Congresos (Conference Hall) of Madrid.

Below you may see this year’s television spot:

History of the Christmas Lottery

The first time that the Christmas Lottery was celebrated was in Cadiz in 1812, so this year is turning 200 years!
The Casa de América (Home of America) in Madrid is currently offering an exhibition called ‘Navidades del s. XIX en Palacio’ (‘19th century Christmas at the Palace’), which is set with 19th century themed decorations and music. The first lottery ticket can be seen there until January 2nd. Originally, this lottery was baptized as Fanatic Dwarf. Visitors will also be introduced to our inheritance from Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol”. Tickets for adults are 10 Euros, and for children, 3 Euros.

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