Halloween is a festival celebrated especially in the United States and the surrounding areas. However, despite the fact that more and more people decide to join this Anglo-Saxon festival, in Spain there are other typical celebrations for the night of October 31. Magosto in the northwest of the Iberian Peninsula and Castanyada in Catalonia are the main ones to start the month of November. Next we will talk about these curious traditions and we will propose some ideas so that you can celebrate the most terrifying Halloween in the Med Playa destinations.

Traditional Spanish events

Magosto is celebrated mainly in the northwest of Spain, although it is also celebrated in other parts of the Spanish geography, such as Cáceres, Zamora, and even outside our borders, as in Portugal. This festival has its origins in Celtic rituals, the passage to winter and the collection of chestnuts. In fact, in the celebration there is never a shortage of chestnuts roasted on a bonfire.

In other regions they also celebrate this festival, always with chestnuts involved, but with other names. In Catalonia, for example, the well-known Castanyada is celebrated, where in addition to eating roasted chestnuts, other typical dishes are also savoured, such as panellets (marzipan cakes) or sweet potatoes accompanied by Moscatel wine.


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Halloween in the MedPlaya destinations

Salou – This coastal town is presented as one of the best alternatives to celebrate Halloween in a different way. Thanks to the proximity of our Calypso and Piramide hotels to PortAventura, you can experience the impressive staging of this theme park during Halloween. Do not forget that the town’s main local festival is on October 30! Both suggestions make Salou the ideal destination to make a terrific escapade.

Benidorm – The most terrifying night of the year is full of emotions and unforgettable experiences in two of the best parks in Benidorm: Terra Mítica and Mundomar are ready to welcome spooky beings from the afterlife!

Benalmádena/Torremolinos – The amusement park Selwo Marina in Benalmádena, also joins this festival. If the little ones come in a costume, they have free admission! Workshops, costume contests and a host of activities will take place in the Molino de Inca Botanical Garden and La Nogalera square, the most terrifying venues in Torremolinos!