Halloween is a holiday celebrated mainly in the United States and the surrounding areas. However, even though more and more people decide to join the Anglo-Saxon tradition, in Spain there are other typical celebrations for the night of October 31. Magosto in the northwest of the Iberian Peninsula and Castanyada in Catalonia are the key to start the month of November.

Halloween decorMagosto is celebrated mainly in the northwest of Spain , but also celebrated in other parts of the Spanish geography and Caceres, Zamora, and even beyond our borders, and Portugal. This festival has its roots in the Celtic rituals, the way to winter and collecting chestnuts. In fact in the celebration never missing fire roasted chestnuts from a fire .

In other regions also celebrate this holiday, always with chestnuts in the middle, but with other names. In Catalonia, for example the so-called celebrated Castanyada where besides eating roasted chestnuts , other dishes are tasted like sweet potatoes accompanied panellet or muscatel. Some historians place the birth of this festive ritual late eighteenth century , although there are different versions about .

roasted chestnutsIn the Basque Country is the name given Gaztainerra in Magosta called Cantabria , Asturias Amagüestu is called the fruit of the chestnut tree and comes with sweet cider , etc. . But they all have one thing in common : roasted chestnuts .

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    ¡Qué interesante! Soy un estudiante español de los Estados Unidos y celebran Halloween muy diferente. Niños se visten en trajes de diferentes personajes. Entonces van a las casas de los vecinos y recibe dulces. Es muy divertido!

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      ¡Qué sorpresa! Una estudiante de los EEUU leyendo nuestro blog! Nos alegra un montón. Esperamos que vuelvas a leer nuestro blog pronto.

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