The Hammam -Arab Baths in Málaga is a relaxing and magical place. The baths are located in the heart of the city, in the old Jewish quarter, which until now was hidden and passed unnoticed by locals and visitors until the last years. Above the building from the 18 century, which was in ruins, stands today The Hammam baths offering an activity almost forgotten, which gives value to today’s society: The Arab Baths, also known as Turkish baths or Hammam, is a faithful reproduction of the “hammamat” existing in Islamic culture, in terms of architecture and the procedures.  In the past the Arabs, the Romans, the Byzantines and nomadic peoples had their own bathing rituals. Those traditions created a new concept that Europeans called Arab bath.

The hammam or bathhouse includes the facilities such as arab and turkish baths, heated room, cold room, dry room and resting room.

The baths offer a wide and diverse range of treatments.

Massage in the bath: Half Moon / oil and salt scrub / White Chocolate / Turkish / Hammam
In-room massage: Aromatherapy / Circulatory / Cranial / Slimming / Anti-stress / Lymphatic drainage / Osteopathy / Shiatsu
Facials and body treatments

Today, in the centre of modern city, cosmopolitan, Málaga citizens and the foreign residents can enjoy this unique and special place, dedicated to relaxing of body and mind.

Location: Plaza de los Mártires 5, Málaga

  • ana

    This itś clised (january 2013) now there is a great Hammam in Martires Square nº 5, ttś the most biggest hammam in spain

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      Hi Ana,

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      Hope you enjoyed it! Don’t forget to read our new blog entries.

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