Aqualandia is finally renewing its offer. After years without incorporating new amusements, this summer they are surprising us during the peak season with the launching today, August 1st, of the highest capsule-slide of the world.

New-Slide-AqualandiaWhoever has the guts to jump on the new attraction will have to climb on a 42-metres-high platform to access to ‘Verti – Go!’, name of the two new slides of 28 and 33 metres of height. This last one is the highest one in Europe, and the highest one in the world with capsule format (the one that follows is in the USA and is 25 metres tall).

After appreciating the amazing and impressive views overlooking the sea and the city of Benidorm, the brave one will be invited to get into the hermetic capsule and stand up on a trap-door that will be opened without previous notice, dropping the person down in vertical position, as if it was falling down to the gap.

According to corporate sources, the gravitational acceleration that the client will reach in this attraction will depend on its corporal mass, although in all cases the 100 km per hour of speed it is expected to be surpassed. Adrenaline guaranteed!

But fun at the biggest water park in Europe is not limited to these 2 new slides. Discover Aqualandia and find a few tips for your visit here:

And below you may see a video recorded yesterday on the official inauguration of Verti-Go! with the local authorities:

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