The story of La Carihuela is the story of many small and poor neighborhoods of the coast in Torremolinos. This was another fishing district where have lived  fishermen and working people of the town of Torremolinos.  During the years of the tourist boom on the Costa del Sol, the province of Malaga began to become what it is now, a place of reference for those who want to enjoy a pleasant walk along the promenade or enjoy the pleasant summer evenings.
The usual shack houses in the area,  some of them remained in the streets further away from the beach, were giving way to the night clubs and luxury hotels  in the 50’s, and the whole panorama completely changed.

But without a doubt, La Carihuela is now famous even more than ever for its wide sandy beach, amount of hotels and entertainment venues. And the star product here couldn’t be other than a fried fish. Along the promenade, you will find many bars and restaurants in which you enjoy this delicacy and other typical dishes of Málaga cuisine such as grilled sardines which are prepared directly on the street.

But if you prefer another type of cuisine, surely you will find a place around here to your liking. There are for example many fast food (pizza, burger, kebabs…). italian, dutch, french restaurants to suit all tastes.

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