The Honey Museum in Colmenar (province of Málaga) is a thematic center whose objective, in addition to the dissemination and promotion of honey and bee products, is to spread the environmental role of bees in pollination of plants. The Honey Museum is located in Colmenar,  just 30 km from the city of Málaga.The museum counts with about 400 square meters distributed on two floors, where you find  thematic rooms  with hives, bees, beekeeping, bee products, etc. The Honey Museum is also home to Málaga Beekeepers Association, who conceived and designed the project. It has explanatory panels, seven large screens, and reproduced on a large scale honeycombs and bee hives over two meters. The museum takes visitors into the world of bees and beekeeping, and teaches all about the life of bees, the essential work they do and the delicious and healthy products they make these little animals.

An extensive collection of hives, built with different materials  is used for the production of honey, since the middle of the last century.

 Tools and equipment

The Honey Museum in different polls exposes a set of equipment and tools used by beekeepers from different periods, to manage their hives and harvesting and handling of their products.

 Packaging of Honey

Containers are used for packaging, storage, or transportation of honey. There are exposed reproductions of  iberian kalathos , regarded as the first honey containers until the  glass containers used nowadays.


The Honey Museum of Málaga houses a collection of books on beekeeping, products, recipes, hives, management, and other topics related to beekeeping and the world of bees. 

 Other pieces

Tools and pieces that have been made so that together with the interactive displays, visitors can better understand  the world of bees and beekeepers, as well as to see products of the hive.

Opening days: Tuesday- Sunday, Entrance fee: 2€

Direction: Calle Pósito 1, Colmenar- 29170, Málaga