Hotel-Regente-FoodMost of you already know us, but the majority of you have not seen us in our most intimate and fun moments!

Every year, our Manager Pablo Villamediana organizes –together with the Kitchen, Entertainment & Restaurant Departments-and end of the year Staff Dinner. This is an opportunity for him to make a balance of the year, mentioning any refurbishments and events that had taken place in the past year, and announces the new improvement measures that will take place in the upcoming year. And he gives us our Christmas Baskets as well!! Yoohoo!

Members of the Kitchen Department take the chance to practice and prepare the special menu that will be served on Christmas or New Year to our Guests (and I inform you in advance that it is delicious!!! Many thanks, artists!).

Hotel-RegenteIt is also a good moment to reward the employees who have made the best improvement suggestions. This year, the winners were Juan (Dinning Room waiter) and Encarna (chamber maid). They both won a 2-nights stay for 2 people in any of the 13 Medplaya Hotels. Congratulations!! (Juan, you promised me holidays…)

On the other hand, this dinner was quite special because we made a small tribute to our Head Chef, Luis, who has been working with us for not less than 40 YEARS!! And, as he is retiring in January, we wanted to make him a good farewell. Therefore, the Manager made a special mention to him and he was given a commemorative plaque. ‘I wasn’t expecting it…’, sobbed our champ, who got really moved and we were touched. We will miss you, Luis! Enjoy of your precious free time for us  😉

To finish the night –and as a curious way to make the digestión-, we played 3 games. We were divided into Departments and each team had to have 2 representatives that would compete.

The first game consisted in the following: 2 people had to transfer one table tennis ball along 5 glasses, but only using a straw, inspiring.

In the second one, we had to, hand in hand, build a pyramid with plastic glasses with the remaining hand.

In the last one, one of the representatives had to sing a song (compulsory requirements were to know the lyrics and not repeating songs!) whenever our Entertainer, Luis, told them to.

So you want to know who the winners were?

1st: Bar staff
2nd: Receptionists + Reservation Manager
3rd: Maintenance Responsible + Guest Relations

Congratulations to all!

I would like to thank the Entertainment team on behalf of the rest of the staff, as Mike and Luis did a great job.

We had a good laugh. You may have a peek to our photos of Hotel Regente’s Facebook and see the ‘Behind the Scenes’, what happens when you are not looking.

And we also have some videos on YouTube (more to come!):

Plastic Glasses Pyramid:
The children of the Regente choir:

A big kiss to all the staff members, who I know have been really looking forward to seeing these photos!! You are a fantastic team.


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