There is nothing like stepping on the sand of the beach to realize that we are in a different place, just at the Mediterranean sea and behind us plenty of options to enjoy and places to discover, here there is no time to get bored.
But if you visit the Malaga , the “Chiringuito” Beach restaurant is a must-see. Far from being a word that name to a lesser restaurant it is, without a doubt, the perfect place to try seafood cooked to Malaga and Andalusian style.


If you think you only find “fried fish” in these restaurants, you’re wrong. Although fried fish is a healthy dish, as is any fish because they are high in Omega 3, you can add several different dishes to complete a healthy menu.
We give you some examples of portions “ ración” (so you should order them to your waiter). First there is nothing better than a glass of fresh “gazpacho”, restaurants make their own gazpacho so the freshness and personality of it is guaranteed, as there are no two places where they do same gazpacho, similar … but no the same.

Now a small dictionary of fishes.
Boqueron: If you are in Malaga this small fish is considered typical dish of this area. There is a variety with lemon, a citrus flavor that combines deliciously.
Salmonete: Fish small or medium size can also be ordered grilled, it is pink and with a very intense flavor, yummy!
Jurelitos: small size, very appreciated in the Costa del Sol.
Chopitos: cuttlefish but small that seasoned with lemon or a little ali oli ( garlic mayonnaise) enhance the incredible taste they have.


How to combine these dishes?. A good traditional salad it is always a safe choice, but there is a kind of salad that goes great with this type of fish: salad of roasted peppers.
The grilled sardines “Espetos”, another “dish” highly recommended both so incredibly healthy it is, and its characteristic taste. The flavor, is so intense that many tend to order this dish as a single dish.

If we talk about “rice” then you probably think of paella, but we want to recommend another type of rice that will not leave you indifferent. Arroz caldoso ( rice soup), which it is served with seafood.
How to order seafood? Again we have a wide variety, so we suggest 3 servings to take into account:
Coquinas: are small mollusk, of a size similar to the clam, which serve cooked with garlic, parsley and white wine.
Conchas finas: They are served fresh and with a good dash of lemon
Gambas – Prawns: prawns cooked in Chiringuitos do not have the same result that you do at home.
If you really want to exceed your expectations is time to order something big, a good bream or sea bass in salt. They are options that, only for the quality of the fish and how to cook them buried in salt, worth the price you pay.
We are sure these tips and an extra information will help you this summer and will make you feel comfortable ordering at a Chiringuito!. Ups! we forgot the dessert … Well, we leave that choice with you.

  • Rosa

    Entrada muy “malagueña”. Asi se pide en los “chiringuitos “

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