Walk in Sierra Helada park

sierra helada walking trakking fit benidorm fitness caminar en forma

Sierra Helada is a natural park near Benidorm, located to the north. Walking through the park you can go over cliffs that are over 300m high and enjoy great views of the Mediterranean. It’s a trip that the whole family can enjoy. Download the routes here

Ride a horseriding horse montar a caballo stay fit in benidorm estar en forma

There are several companies that organize riding tours. It is a different way to discover Benidorm; riding through pine forests and among nature you can enjoy the views of the Bay of Benidorm. If you want to see the city in a different way, why not doing it up on a horse!

Stay fit dancing Salsadancing salsa benidorm stay fit fitness bailar salsa estar en forma

Dancing is a great way to get fit. And with Salsa you will get your groove on! In Benidorm there are several schools where you can sign up, including transportation and private lessons. Feel sexy dancing to this typical Latin music!



diving submarinismo fit stay fitness estar en forma benidorm

Diving is a great sport, it gets every muscle working. Swimming against water’s resistance helps you burn calories, strengthens the respiratory system, speeds your metabolism… As you can see, diving is a perfect choice. In Benidorm you can also enjoy incredible places which you will only be able to see if you dive, such as the island of Benidorm, Mitjana island, Tío Ximo Cove or Elephant Cove. Try something new!

Paddle surf

paddle surf benidorm stay fit fitness estar en forma

Paddle surf is a very trendy and really entertaining sport. Standing on the board (which is wider than a surfboard and therefore more stable) you can row as far as you want. If you paddle fast, you will exercise your arms and balance, if you go slow you can just relax. And to get back, you can keep rowing or you can surf!


kayak fit benidorm how to stay fit fitness en forma como estar

The kayak tours are excellent in Benidorm, you can try different routes, with varying difficulty, more kilometers or less, depending on what you want. If you’d to exercise your arms and discover the Costa Blanca (Benidorm’s Cosat), consider a ride in a kayak.