Carnival is celebrated every year in most Spanish towns and, as it is to be expected, Benidorm holds its own. Last year 2013 about 2000 people participated in the city’s parade, which is organized by the Association de Penyes Verge del Sufratge (a local association of fiesta groups).


This year it will take place between Saturday 1st and Tuesday 4th of March

For those who would like to watch the parades, the Children’s Parade will start on Saturday at 11am from Gambo Street, finishing at the City Hall, where Ronald McDonald will be entertaining and a few bouncy castles will be placed. There will also be a bar offering hot sandwiches and drinks at affordable prices.

But what you definitely have to see is the Adults Parade, which will take place that same day at night, departing at 9.30pm from Marte Street, and ending at the Plaza de SSMM Los Reyes de España (the park where the Town Hall is). There, a local DJ will be playing music and there will be a show with fireworks.  Again the bar will have hot snacks and drinks.

On Tuesday 4th there will be a gathering of people at the Plaza Mayor at 9pm, as half an hour later the procession of the Burial of the Sardine will begin.

Benidorm 2014

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