Girona is full of stories about unexplained mysteries and curious happenings. Discover a new side of the city…

Sant Narcís and the flies

This is one of the many legends that still survive in Girona and locals are particularly well-versed in its retelling.

As the legend goes, in 1285, under the order of the French king, Philippe the Bold, Girona was surrounded by French troops who sacked and damaged numerous churches in the city. When the troops entered Sant Fèlix, with the intent of profaning the body of Sant Narcís, the city’s patron saint, giant flies began to fly out of the former bishop’s body, killing many of the French troops and their horses.

To this day, the fly is a sort of hero for the Gironí people which is why you’ll see stoneflies all over the city.

The Witch of the Cathedral

According to legend, once upon a time, a woman living in Girona, who was known to practise witchcraft, started throwing stones at the Cathedral. Other versions of the story say she was throwing the stones at people taking part in religious processions. In any case, as explained by Carles Vivó in the book ‘Legends and mysteries of Girona’, it’s clear that her targets were religious symbols. Then one day, when she was getting ready to throw another stone, the woman herself turned to stone; she was put up on the highest point of the building, looking down so that no more curses could come out of her mouth. And so was created what is said to be the only human gargoyle on Girona Cathedral.

The lioness’s bottom

This is another unmissable Girona legend: the one about the lioness’s bottom (‘el cul de la lleona’). So the tradition goes, if you visit Girona, you have to kiss the bottom of the lioness statue (C/Calderers, 8). It’s a way to show that you want to come back to the city, perhaps even to stay forever.