We love Spain. Every time we talk and hear about this country our mind brings out the image of the beach, sunshine, sangria, fiesta …. In general a laid-back lifestyle. You might have heard describing the Spanish as having “perfected the art of hanging out,” which is also a part of lifestyle especially in southern Spain where the weather conditions invite to spend more time out, creating and enjoying the cheerful atmosphere. Spaniards have raised the lifestyle to an art form. And the siesta? Most Spanish towns are deserted during these hours with closed shops and blinds down.

siesta lifestyle spain

I believe that we all agree at this point.  We daily meet tourists and Spaniards who say ‘Spain? Oh, yeah….’. And then they sigh recalling the lovely times they spent in Spain. Maybe they remember lingering over drinks with friends at 3 a.m. on the beach or on a terrace of any bar, or enjoying a paella on the beach on a summer’s afternoon.

Perhaps they recall watching the moonlight on the Alhambra, in Granada, or the perfect sunset in Cadiz, one of the oldest cities in Spain. Whatever the memory, it’s a good one.

Most of the memories can become a part of a day-to-day life. Living in southern Spain, on a coast invites people to enjoy their life at the sea, being in connection with nature, having a healthy Mediterranean diet. The Andalusian gastronomy is very much enjoyed by the visitors of Spain, being one of the highlight of the Spanish way of living, as well as a rich culinary patrimony.

sangria spanish summer drink

Now, let’s summarise the Spanish lifestyle in a few words: relaxing, diverse, culturally rich, active and modern, back to nature.