At MedPlaya we are celebrating our 50th anniversary and, reviewing our users’ memories, in recent weeks we have seen the best memories with the MedPlaya team, the little ones’ most special moments at the hotels and funny moments at the swimming pools.

And now is the time to review one of the great moments that we live at MedPlaya: parties! Before reviewing some of the best memories, we want to remind you that you can participate in the MedPlaya50 contest by submitting your memories over the past 50 years with us to win one-week stays for two at any MedPlaya hotel. You will find all the information and all the participants here.


We begin this review by remembering two parties that were held at MedPlaya some years ago. In the first photograph, and looking back, we see Brian at the waiters’ party at the Medplaya Riudor hotel in the 90s. In the second image, taken in 1994, we see Rafa and José Luis, bar staff team members at the Hotel Calypso, at the Far West Party.


Even though the years have passed, the fun remains the same! In the first image, we see Ashley cheering the guests during the New Year’s Eve party, minutes before entering the New Year. Beside it, Lisa shows us the fun that can be had at a foam party.


Did you think we would forget about costume parties? Of course not! In the first photograph, we see the MedPlaya team members of the Hotel Bali wearing costumes … What a picture! And in the second one we see that even though the years have passed, things are still the same: who would have thought that in the 70’s our waiters would be dressed as pirates? Looks like they had a great time!