The summer festivities in the city of Málaga have their roots in the commemoration of the incorporation of city to the Castilian crown of the Catholic Monarchs, who made their triumphal entrance into the city on 19th August 1487. In 1491, coinciding with the religious celebrations of the Cathedral Chapter, the Municipal Town Council decreed the establishment of popular festivities, which that year began on 15th August.

cartel-feria-de-malaga-2013It was in 1887, with celebration of the 400th anniversary of the Catholic Monarchs’ entrance into Málaga, that these festivities regained their initial splendour. Málaga’s August Fair has come to the present day as a Grand Summer Fair that is open, cosmopolitan and international, all of this reflecting the character of the capital of the leading tourist area in Europe: the City of Málaga as the key centre of the Costa del Sol and its metropolitan area.

The Fair in Málaga in August is the biggest festival in the city. This year will be the longest yet, it will last for 11 days from the 17th until the 24th of August. The Málaga Fair 2013 will surprise you in many ways: from the decorated streets through the historic centre and fairground rides, the horse riders that pass by, with the verdiales and Sevillana dancers, to the bull fighters or simply the excitement from the locals and tourists.

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