Málaga Festival (MaF) is back! and will be held from 5 to 19 April and will feature 104 cultural activities which choose a film as a principal object of inspiration for other creative and artistic activities that connect with the audiovisual, music, poetry and literature, children’s activities, culinary, visual and performing arts. 44 spaces, public and private, will be the venues that welcome this countdown of the Festival of Málaga.

This participatory project, distributed in seven districts of the city, is possible thanks to the collaboration and involvement of numerous companies, institutions, associations and cultural managers, groups, artists, writers … almost all of them coming from Málaga.

The programme of MaF includes the following activities: visual and performing arts, culinary arts, activities for kids, poetry and literature.

  • Tom Dearing

    Malaga festival is an incredible experience. Its absolutely packed with activities! The weather is great! The people are great! The festival is great! Everything about it is just… GREAT!! I suggest you try staying at Costa Del Sol, as that too is.. you guessed it.. GREAT!!

    • medplaya

      Dear Tom,

      Thanks for reading this article. We are happy that you like the culture of Málaga and that you find it great. We invite you to submit to our blog and stay up to date on what’s going on at the Medplaya Hotels and in Spain.

      Kind regards,


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