Currently, society is going through a very difficult time due to the world coronavirus crisis. Tourism, one of the most important economic sectors, is suffering the consequences of this pandemic. MedPlaya wanted to do its bit in this fight: four of our hotels have broadcast optimistic messages in a very special way.

At MedPlaya we have no doubt that this situation will pass and it will be thanks to the effort and solidarity of the population as a whole. For this reason, some of our accommodations wanted to send a message of encouragement to everyone during the lockdown. The MedPlaya Bali, Pez Espada, Flamingo Oasis and Santa Monica hotels have illuminated the balconies on their facades to recreate hearts and smiling faces.

Agustí Codina, President of MedPlaya, thanked the staff of each hotel for the gesture: “It is sad to see the hotels closed without guests, and the staff at home unable to work. This situation will improve very soon. That is why optimistic messages such as these, carried out by the staff of these four hotels, are so important to remind us that we will soon be together again.”

The world is experiencing an exceptional situation that needs everyone’s help to overcome it. And this is why at MedPlaya we want to thank the social responsibility of the entire population and the perseverance of all the professionals who are fighting on the front line. The solidarity of the whole of society is evidence that together we will emerge from this.