Sustainable development has been defined in many ways and in the last decade it has gained considerable importance. Do we really know what does sustainable development mean?

Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. This is as well an important part of tourism industry and its progress. We all know that recently has been paid a lot of attention to sustainability in hotels and tourism in general as the renewable sources play an important role in this industry.

Let’s speak about Sustainability in Tourism, especially taking a look at Travelife Certification for Hotels and Accommodations. What is Travelife?

Travelife is an international sustainability certification scheme for hotels and accommodations. It helps them to improve how they manage their environmental and social impacts, such as reducing their energy or water consumption, and ensuring they support local people, businesses and culture.

Travelife Gold AwardThe Travelife for Hotels & Accommodations certification criteria also covers issues like human rights, child protection and employee welfare. Helping to ensure they operate fair practices and are working to protect their guests, employees and the local community where they operate.

Once again this year, we are pleased to announce that Medplaya Hotel Pez Espada, Riviera Bali, Rio Park, Riudor and Regente obtained the Travelife Gold Award.

With increasingly crowded planet, limited resources we owe it to future generations to explore lifestyles and paths of development that effectively balance progress with awareness of its environmental impact.

In addition to Travelife Award, Hotel Pez Espada and Riviera had the honor of receiving “Certificate of Excellence” from the Nr1. International Hotel Booking Website for its outstanding quality of customer service in 2014. This goes to show just how much our hotels have done in terms of service to earn the trust and recognition of our guests. Award 2014 Award for 2014 ( M. Jimenez- Hotel Pez Espada Manager, M. Bordera- Hotel Riviera Manager)

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