Any change requires new challenges to respond to the needs of society. At MedPlaya, as a relevant company in the tourism sector, we want to propose solutions for this constantly changing reality and realize them in each of our 17 hotels. For this reason, together with other private and public sector entities, MedPlaya has promoted the creation of the CoE in Tourism Innovation: an organization that has the mission of promoting innovation and sustainability through the sharing of knowledge.

The tourism sector is one of the most prominent in the Catalan economy and over time it has been presenting new opportunities and challenges. Currently, issues such as innovation, social responsibility, sustainability, tourism intelligence, digital transformation and talent are at the forefront. The CoE in Tourism Innovation excellence centre was created with the aim of sharing knowledge and responding to the needs of the sector.

This new centre will represent a key instrument to boost tourism supply and demand as accurately as possible. Moreover, it can become a powerful tool to face technological development through new information systems and commercialization of the tourist offer. All this, within the philosophy of R+D+I, with which MedPlaya is also fully identified.

At our hotels we always pursue excellence and this is only possible if we work in favour of research and the sharing of knowledge. The new CoE in Tourism Innovation is an opportunity to join forces and propose new models for a sector that is constantly changing and needs new answers.