Throughout 2017, on the occasion of the celebration of MedPlaya’s 50th anniversary, we have organized the MedPlaya50 competition in which all customers who have stayed at a MedPlaya hotel could participate by sending their memories on the website

In this blog we already show you the best memories with children, in the swimming pool, party, etc. but today, after so many months, we can make public the ten winners of the contest and their memories with MedPlaya.

The first winners were Linda and Rosa. The first one showed us how his son Adam, after 12 years, was still getting along great with Hussain, the waiter at the Rio Park Hotel. Rosa, on the other hand, sent us a photo of a fantastic sunset at the San Eloy Hotel.

Then we met the memories of Emma and Vicky; Emma sent us a picture of her daughter Olivia’s reunion with Samba, one summer after having met and made a great friendship. Vicky gave us a review of her family’s history with the San Eloy Hotel.

Noelia and Francesca were also fortunate because they took the prize for their memory! Noelia took us to the 1998 Bali Hotel bar with a photograph of her mother with Antonio, one of the waiters. Francesca, for her part, reviewed her experiences at the Hotel Pez Espada from 1988 to 2013. Unbelievable!

Donna‘s vacation at the San Eloy Hotel in 1986 and Francis‘ family celebration at the Swordfish Hotel celebrating her 25th wedding anniversary with the whole family also deserved to win the award.

The last winners were Georgia and Jose. Georgia remembered its 18th anniversary at the Regent Hotel in Benidorm where they dressed up as angels and demons Jose, instead, sent us a photo of his son Gerard at the Hotel Pez Espada with his crocodile friend.