For years, MedPlaya and Girona FC have been closely linked. The hotel chain has always been close to the sport, territory and society of Girona. This season it was not going to be less so, but rather the opposite: the two entities have officially strengthened their sponsorship relationship, and MedPlaya is now considered one of the main sponsors of Girona FC.

This league season, Girona FC has the ambitious goal of returning to the First Division. After two years in the First Division, the Girona club aspires to repeat the success of the historic ascent in the 2016-2017 season, after 9 consecutive seasons in the Spanish Silver Division.

Girona FC is a very prominent entity of the Girona region. Since its foundation in 1930, it has positioned itself as the main professional football club in the city. The Montilivi Stadium is the temple destined to host the local matches, where this year we will see historic First Division clubs such as Almeria, Zaragoza or Rayo Vallecano.

At MedPlaya we want to reaffirm our commitment to Girona FC, and Girona sport and citizens. We hope that our joint effort and commitment will become a small step towards the desired goal: the ascent.