After many years of offering children’s leisure activities, we have decided to set up a groundbreaking programme for children who want to enjoy both fun and educational stays.

This is a programme for children between the ages of 4 and 12 that takes place in the Kids Club, a charming space where Meddy, our friendly mascot (a starfish), accompanied by an animation team, will guide the children in a wide variety of games and workshops adapted to their tastes, skills and abilities. In total, we have seven thematic packs, one for each day of the week:

Ecological Day: aimed at promoting good environmental practices through exploration, adventure, the discovery of the planet and the care of water as the most precious asset.

Music Day: ideal for those who are passionate about music and dance. The youngest children will be able to participate in instrument creation workshops, travel the world through songs or practice with percussion instruments.

Day of art and colors: works on manual skills, painting and everything related to the visual arts.

Friendship Day: in this way, children can learn about the values of solidarity and respect through activities such as the creation of a cooperative mandala, peace wall and being awarded the Meddy Nobel Peace Prize.

Family Day: Family yoga or family tree workshop? Activities specially prepared to enjoy an unforgettable day with the family and awaken many emotions.

Mini masterchef day: children will be able to discover a host of delicious recipes.

Meddy Superstar Day: enjoy a day full of surprises with Meddy!

In short, a busy and lively schedule of activities. However, you may need a new vacation when you return home, so be warned!