Just 30 kilometres from the capital of Málaga, Mijas is one of those white villages that knows how to preserve its essence despite the passing of the years and the enormous number of tourists who every day flood its streets attracted by its charms. The mixture of mountain and coastal villages makes this town a unique and charming place; narrow, steep streets, flowerpots with colourful flowers decorating the white walls of the buildings, and impressive views of the sea…

The Arab layout that it conserves in its streets extends along the slope of the mountain range offering one of the most famous images of the town. There’s nothing like using the most classic transport system to get around it: donkey-taxis, which have become an icon of the town. Since the 1960s, they have continued to carry tourists through their narrow streets in the same way they carried different goods for many years.

Mijas also offers historical sites to visit: visit its tiny bullring with its completely irregular shape, the ancient Arab wall or its two hermitages from the 17th century. Finally, go to the Sanctuary of the Virgen de la Peña, patron saint of Mijas.

To complete the experience, go to La Cala, already on the coast, to enjoy the 12 kilometres of beaches that extend to both sides.