What is Mindfulness?

We could say that Mindfulness is much more than a practice: it is a philosophy of life. Also called “Full Attention” or “Full Consciousness,” it is the ability to consciously pay attention to the present moment. In our day-to-day life, we are constantly attending to thoughts, obligations, routines and concerns. Precisely, Mindfulness has the goal of freeing you from anything that is not the present moment, accepting reality, flowing with our being and calming our mind, without judging.

Travel: disconnecting and connecting

Many people travel in order to disconnect from the routine and connect with themselves. Entering new places, experiences and cultures means pausing the stress of our routine, while discovering a part of us somewhere else on the planet. Therefore, we could apply the full attention technique while travelling, being aware of everything, but at the same time, only of the present moment.

How to apply Mindfulness to your trip

Travelling and finding peace is possible, thanks to Mindfulness. But… how can you apply it to your trip? Discovering without thinking about anything else; having the passion to observe what surrounds you right at the moment; disconnecting from your mobile; visiting a mystical, magical or special place, closing your eyes and listening to its sounds; or meditating and doing yoga. These are essential actions that we all can do and easily apply on any trip.

Travelling involves starting a new adventure away from home, discovering new worlds and meeting unique and special people. Switch off, relax and may the biggest concern be what to see. Walk and let your instinct guide you, do not judge your surroundings and soak up the culture and people you meet along the way. And, above all, live the moment. Be present!