The Costa Brava region of Spain is a popular tourist destination known for its excellent summer climate, crystal clear beaches and natural beauty. But this beautiful Catalan region offers endless possibilities beyond the coast. Today we propose to visit one of the most beautiful villages in Catalonia, a few kilometres from the sea.

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Monells is one of those rural villages in the interior that represent the essence of the Empordà region. A place where almost everything seems to be stagnant in medieval times and the surrounding landscape reminds us of Tuscany.

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You only have to get lost in its streets to enjoy a magical trip to the past where nobles, merchants and peasants, made Monells one of the most important towns of Catalonia in commercial terms. In fact, right in the heart of this nucleus is the Plaça Major, also called Plaça Jaume I, which was the scene of an old and very important cattle and cereal market held at the end of the 17th century.

It is not surprising that the charm and excellent restoration of this square and the streets of Monells have attracted the shooting of advertising spots of all kinds and a large part of the Spanish film “Eight Catalan surnames”.