The House Museum of Arts and Popular Traditions, located in the city of Tolox, in the province of Málaga was inaugurated in 1992, having as main characteristic 1,683 pieces presently set out, were provided by the inhabitants of the city, as well as visitors. It is a unique opportunity for the visitors of Tolox who wants to learn more about the local customs and cultural traits.

Museo de Artes Populares ToloxBy accessing the interior of the house museum, visitors will find a tourist office at the same time offering information related to this activity, is also a room which exhibits a collection of photographs dating from the 50’s, in While most are 5 rooms that are entirely the Museum of Arts and Customs, which are themselves open to all attendees.

The purpose of this cultural space is to raise awareness of the furniture, tools, photographs and other objects that people used to use in the nineteenth century, so that in the house museum one can see:
• The room called “The Dining Room”, which is exemplified in the life of a high class family being able to see a collection of iron keys, a glass of travel XIII century and a ration card of the year 1952 .
• The living room The bedroom is shown a bed made of iron and copper in the late twentieth century and a wooden cradle, two sinks and a dresser. In this room stand a missal dating from 1864, and a jeweler of hand-carved wood. It is noteworthy that while visitors explore the various rooms of the house museum, will appreciate how the corridors are adorned with plates and display cases exhibiting a size of Fifths clothes and a sewing machine.

Utensilios en el Museo de Artes Populares Tolox• The kitchen shown here objects like plates, a coffee roaster, pitchers, and other kitchen tools.
• In the room of oil- you find Arabic mill of the time, plus a collection d of oil and Roman measures pounds and kilos.
• The last room, the field shows all the tools used in the tillage

The museum is open from Tuesday till Sunday from 11am until 2pm and from 3pm until 6pm from October until May, from 11am until 2pm and 6pm to 9pm from June till September.

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