A collection of toy soldiers, a shoe and a pin, all belonging to Picasso as a child. These are the new items that are incorporated into the collection of the items of the painter’s  birthplace. All these objects donated Maya Ruiz-Picasso, the eldest daughter of the artist. These objects are added to the existing ones in the cultural area, which serve to witness the time when the painter lived in Málaga.

museo y casa de picassoEach of the new items that belonged to Picasso during the years he lived in Málaga has  its story. Thus, the collection of the soldiers misses a piece because Maya gave it to his nephew Pablito, son of Paul Picasso and eldest grandson of the painter.

These new pieces can be seen on the 1st floor of the birthplace of the Picasso, along with other objects and documents that testify to the early days of Picasso.

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