The family holiday season is approaching and the coast is usually the first choice we go for. The beach is, no doubt, the best setting to enjoy leisure and rest, and in this kind of place it is really essential to protect ourselves from the harmful effects of the sunrays. So, especially if you are travelling with children, it is advisable that you pay attention to the skincare tips that we suggest.

Be careful with sun exposure: enjoy in moderation

The main piece of advice is to avoid overexposure to the sun in the middle of the day, because the intensity of UV rays is greater between 10 in the morning and 4 in the afternoon. At that time slot, and especially if you go to the beach with children, try to take shelter under an umbrella or at the beach bar, for example. At our MedPlaya hotels we have parasols to continue enjoying the pool at any time of the day and safely.

Constant hydration is essential. Drink plenty of water and make sure that your little ones also do, as this is key to avoid sunstroke and dizziness. Of course, the use of sunscreens is highly recommended. It will depend on the type of skin you have, but our advice is that the first days you use high SPF and water resistant sun creams.

Precautions if you go to the beach with children

Going to the beach with children involves looking after their health, so be sure to apply sunscreen on their skin, which is much more sensitive. It is recommended to do it half an hour before sun exposure and at least once every hour, and also after bathing.

You can also use sunglasses to avoid eye damage caused by solar radiation and hats and caps to protect your head.