Have you ever considered going on a trip alone? Here are some reasons why travelling with no company other than yours is a perfect way to get around the world.

At your own pace

If you go on holidays alone, you can enjoy your time and plan what you’re going to do at your own pace, without haste and without having to worry about whether your travelling companions are tired or prefer to take a nap. You can organize a boat trip at noon and still get to that dinner in that restaurant that you wouldn’t miss for anything. It’ll be great to travel with total freedom!

You’ll learn to act under adverse circumstances

Whoever tells you that when they’re travelling, everything is perfect, they’re lying to you. In fact, it’s a considerable challenge. When you travel alone, you learn to deal with difficult times, to see the positive side of things and to fend for yourself without expecting someone else to help you.

Time to get to know yourself

The first time you travel on your own, with no one, you’ll realize how capable you are of being self-sufficient on the road, and how you manage to communicate with the locals despite not speaking a word of their language. Travelling alone will put you to the test when you come into contact with realities and cultures very different from yours, thousands of kilometres from home. You’ll come back much more confident than when you left. Take your holidays calmly and enjoy the little things in life, those that are truly important.

Open to the world and meet new people

Travelling alone will make you meet new people and even make friends along the way. Maybe having dinner alone isn’t the most romantic thing in the world but don’t lose hope. You can always try to share a table with someone who is travelling like you. You’ll probably find a thousand anecdotes to share and you might even end up making a friend for life. In any case, enjoy the trip, relax and interact with people.

And therefore … You’ll repeat

When you’re travelling alone for the first time, at the beginning, all your prejudices, fears and insecurities come to the surface, but you learn to look for solutions to problems, to be more responsible, to take care of yourself and, above all, to enjoy all the wonderful things that a new place can offer you. In the end, you realize that the idea of travelling alone has its charm and that you come home with many new memories and friends.