At MedPlaya Hotels we start the year with exciting surprises. One of our main strategic objectives with Azora European Hotel & Lodging is to improve the image and quality of our establishments in order to enhance the experience of our customers. In 2021 we successfully completed the renovations of the Hotel Pez Espada in Torremolinos, and we are currently working on the renovation of two hotels in Benidorm, the Hotel Flamingo Oasis and the Hotel Riudor, two symbolic establishments of the chain.

MedPlaya Hotel Flamingo Oasis

At the Hotel Flamingo Oasis, we are working to give the main areas a fresh look, but without losing the paradisiacal and wild essence that characterizes the establishment. As of March 15, you will be able to enjoy completely renovated rooms, we are also changing the furniture in the buffet, renovating the rooftop and the poolside bar, and we are bringing a surprise for the littlest members of the family, if they like to play with water, this play area will definitely be their favourite!

In the renovated Flamingo Oasis you can relax as if you were in a true oasis, surrounded by its fauna, nature, and magnificent climate.

MedPlaya Hotel Riudor

Until the end of spring, we will be improving the public areas of the hotel: the corridors, the bar, the lobby, the buffet, the common bathrooms, the rooms and the façade. In addition, the new Riudor comes with a surprising aesthetic; between blue, white and red tones you will feel as if you were the captain of a great ship sailing through endless seas. An atmosphere that will seduce all those who are sea lovers.

Each space in the renovated Riudor will be unique and extraordinary, we are confident that you will love it.

These reforms are an exciting challenge for MedPlaya and Azora, with them we seek to offer you the best experience in Benidorm, with two unique spaces and with their own character so that you can choose the one that best suits you. Are you ready to rediscover Hotel Flamingo Oasis and Hotel Riudor?